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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sing for your supper

Today was one of those days when I wear my unofficial-parental-counselling hat. The parents of the families I support often take up just as much time as the children. It’s funny how I find it much easier to compartmentalise the children’s issues, than those of the adults. 

I spent 40 minutes on the phone to a distraught mother this afternoon. Externally I was soothing, supportive; inside I was thinking “I’m just a teacher!!”. And yet time and time again they come to me for the answers. Where do I go with this once they’ve offloaded onto me?

So today I am in need of some true distraction. Something cathartic; a powerful detoxification.

It’s time to face the music…

I love singing, it makes me feel totally free and fully expressive, like I am living just in the moment. It’s free flowing emotion, I can feel the sounds resonate within me, the vibrations purify and I am released. I don’t criticise myself for being in tune or having the best tone, I throw my head back and  feel joy!!

Here’s a classic swayalong song. Sing along to The Piano Man and let yourself go!

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