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Monday, 5 May 2014

Earthing: feel a positive charge

When standing barefoot, I feel a positive charge from the earth. I am connected to nature, like a battery charging from a good and natural power point.

A cursory Google will show how recently a great deal has been written about the positive effects of earthing, or grounding, which means standing barefoot or sitting on the ground, connecting with nature. I don’t know much about the scientific arguments and research, or the associated products available online, all I know is that every time I try it, it feels good – like a “mystical energy” is healing me.

We got out into the countryside today, to a nature reserve called Kingley Vale. I touched the trees and grass, explored woody paths and clambered through mazes of tangled ancient yews.

 It is a timeless place; unspoilt and beautiful. My partner had a raging headache when we left home. After the quiet, fresh air and natural woodland surroundings, he reported his headache had disappeared. However on returning to the car, he said the headache had come back. What was the cause? Was it simply that the beautiful surroundings had distracted him for a while, or had he benefitted from his connection with nature and the outdoors?

As humans and animals, we were not designed to be indoor creatures. Outdoors is the natural way. Our modern houses with their double glazing and insulation cut us off from what is real and natural. Is it any wonder we get headaches when we spend our days in hermetically sealed and insulated houses, offices, and cars, breathing in conditioned air rather than the fresh breeze from outside? I believe this is the cause of many of our stresses and strains, and the more I get outside with our beautiful pup Poppy, the more it renders true.

 I have also been continuing to read about vitamin D deficiency (see my previous blog, and how sunblock may be causing us harm in this area. Could we be so badly designed as humans that our skin cannot cope with prolonged sunshine ( I speak as a fair-skinned Caucasian who burns very easily!)? I don’t profess to have the answers, only to report my positive feelings on connecting with nature, earthing myself, sunshine and fresh air. I am trying Wellness Mama’s approach to sunshine – upping my vitamin D with a supplement, and taking regular doses of tomato puree for the lycopene, which apparently improves skin’s tolerance to the sun. Today was a great example of this; after walking I felt energised, recharged, peaceful and positive.

A couple of months ago, I decided to try earthing myself every day, just for a short while. It was early March so still rather chilly outside, but I diverted to the beach on my way home from work each day, to stand on the shingle in bare feet and feel the energy of the Earth. I chose Pagham beach, away from the bustle and traffic of the promenade; remote and unspoilt. 

Such a place is perfect  for reflection, where it is possible to remove oneself entirely from the view of houses and roads, and it’s just me, the sea, the shingle and a few seagulls. I don’t know if the positivity I get from this is purely down to taking some “me” time somewhere quiet and beautiful, or whether grounding is working its magic, but I do seem to feel a positive charge from the earth. I also like to hold pebbles in the palm of my hand, they also contain a charge somehow, like a vibration or power. I often slip a single stone into my pocket and hold it during the working day, to ground me further. It brings me peace and calm.

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