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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Feeling Blue: Part 2 (not so blue!)

Oh what a difference a walk makes! My cobwebs have been well and truly blown away. We ran together, Poppy and I, and laughed out loud as she jumped for joy. She is the happiest little pup I ever saw and she makes me smile.

Dog owners are quite the loveliest people (apart from the few strange, standoffish ones who we won't count). In what other context do you strike up conversations with complete strangers like you have known them forever? When you share your love for your pets, it's a conspiratorial connection, like you are members of a secret society that outsiders and cat people cannot possibly understand.

On our walk this evening we met a lovely Scottish lady and her rescue dog. The dogs were so pleased to see each other; much wagging and sniffing ensued, as did the mutual petting and sharing of canine anecdotes (from the humans!). Lester was a 12 year old collie, a rescue pooch himself, now a geriatric in doggy terms and as much a member of their family as any human.

This simple act of walking the dog, being outside and making a connection with someone else, has lifted my spirits beyond measure. The breeze was warm. I inhaled and filled my lungs and the grey clouds from earlier were washed away.

On returning home I felt newly energised. I have cleaned up, made a soup (those leftover veggies had been languishing for long enough), had a shower with a homemade body scrub and been uplifted by Pharrell Williams. I'm so pleased with myself. Another evening without the motivation of this blog and I would have remained in my lethargic, depressed state. I'm going to write in my notebook all my concerns for tomorrow, so they don't churn around while I lie in bed. I feel I have accomplished something important this evening.

Now for no.6 Doing something silly... !

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